Placements are the areas where the creatives will appear on your site.

You can easily add new placements for your sites. Just choose the creative size and you will get an HTML code to paste on your site.

Placements make easier for advertisers to bid on your site since they know better where they advertising will appear. You can also benefit from direct orders on your placements from advertisers.

Minimum EPM

When adding a placement you can enable a minimum EPM expected to receive. This will display only advertising on your page when your expected EPM threshold is met.

Gender and Age

Advertisers always prefer to target their campaigns to their appropiate audience. This usually means targeting also by gender and age. A campaign can either be men or women oriented, or target a specific age group. With Audify this is possible and you can benefit from a higher ROI by sending your user's gender and age.

If you know the current gender and birthdate of your visitor you can send it as a value on the placement code. Please see the example below.

<script type="text/javascript" src="{YOUR PLACEMENT}&user_gender=woman&user_birthdate=24/10/1990"></script>
placement Your placement id. I.e.: u73R4OYuyVFXUY6AavlS
user_gender Your visitor gender. Accepted values: man | woman
user_birthdate Your visitor birthdate. I.e.: 24/10/1990

With this information provided Audify will automatically display the appropiate creatives.


You can easily display the code from your current advertising if there are no creatives to display.

If you enable a minimum EPM, by setting up your current code you can make sure to display higher paying advertising while you are still keep your current earnings for the rest of cases.