Knowing when a lead or sale occurs helps to optimize your marketing efforts by priorizing opportunities both maximizing exposure and reducing costs. For this purpouse, Audify provides two easy methods to keep track of the results of your campaigns.


Simply place the following javascript code on the page that your lead occurs. It can be a success signup page or an order page among others. Code will look like the example below.

<script type="text/javascript" src="{GOAL_TOKEN}.js"></script> 

Please make sure to replace {GOAL_TOKEN} with your current goal token which can be found on the goal settings. That should be enough to start tracking your results and let Audify start optimizing your campaigns!

Postback Request

Another alternative, better suitable for apps or programatic implementations is sending us a POST or GET request to the following URL including your goal and context tokens.

POST / GET{your_api_key}&context={context}&goal={goal}

Replace {your_api_key} with your current key which can be found here.

The only value you need to send us to track a goal is {context}. You can obtain this value by including the tag {context} in your campaign address. Example:{context}. This will send you a context token that you can then send back on the postback.

You can optionally send {goal} with your goal token. If a goal token is not provided Audify will create one automatically named Postback.