Resume, Pause and Schedule Ads

A little step forward into more control

By Martin Caetano

As you probably noticed we have been through a recent branding overhaul. We hope you like the new changes. We feel they better represents want to achieve by making online advertising easier and fun.

We have good news for advertisers.


Having many campaigns running and maybe want to set one on-hold? Now, advertisers have the convenient option to pause and resume campaigns in-real time with just 1-click.

To do so, just go into your Campaigns and click the pause or resume buttons. Changes are applied in real-time, meaning your campaign will be fully paused and will not inquire in further charges until resumed.


What about if you have a specific event you want to advertise? Now, you can easily schedule any campaign to start or end on any given dates.

When creating a new or editing a new campaign, you will see a new option to give an optional start and giving date.

April 30, 2014

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